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Owl Farm

Providing:  Farm Gate
Farming Practices:  Naturally Grown , Organic
Attractions:  Tour , Farm Stay

Phone: 7059350359

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We are an evolving, non chemical mixed farming operation. Farm site is over a century old, and much of the land is in transition back to production. There is also a woodlot where we harvest firewood for farm operations, wild edibles and for a maple syrup start up. We are pruning old fruit trees and planting new ones.
Spring through Fall we operate a market garden. We have one hoop greenhouse for season extension, a large plot, some smaller patches and larger patches for corn and pumpkins. We are planting more perennial vegetables each year, as well as herbs and trees. Some crops are spoken for prior to planting, the rest are sold at the local farmers market as well as our own on farm market.
Our flock of chickens and ducks provide eggs and poultry which we sell. Our flock is closed, meaning we hatch and raise our own chickens for market from our own chickens. The chickens are heritage breeds and we keep one endangered breed. We raise and sell breeding stock of pure Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Barred Rock, Sumatra and Dark Cornish.
At the back of the property we have a campsite that caters to white water canoe and kayakers, as a world cup whitewater course is less than ten minutes from the farm. We are developing that site more this year to both accommodate farmstay guests, woofers and more paddlers, as the pan am games white water events will be held in Minden in 2015. Most of these visitors are very happy to be able to purchase fresh eggs and organic produce on site. Farmstay guests can also be exposed to this exciting sport through interaction with campsite visitors. Farmstay guests who are paddlers themselves have a golden opportunity to stay and work with us and spend the rest of their time on world class white water.
May through to November we welcome visitors, though, this may change in the future as farm operations develop. Chores will include planting, weeding, feeding and watering livestock, assisting in composting operations, marketing produce to customers, mulching and watering gardens, helping with projects on the farm, pruning and basically assisting with all farm operations.
2012 projects will include a new adobe/wood fired bread oven, farm buildings, maple syrup infrastructure, camp site infrastructure, fencing, new tree planting, land clearing and tilling new plots.

Horseshoe Lake

Directions: Just outside of the town of Minden, Ontario. Along Horseshoe Lake.

Farm Gate farm has the following produce:

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